Distance Energy Healing


Energy healing is a way of tapping into the Pure Love Energy, the highest vibration there is.  You can call it God’s Energy, God’s Love, The Force, Creator, The Grandmother’s, Universal Force, Buddha, Allah, it doesn’t matter, they all carry the same frequency of healing energy.

All of them represent the highest vibration of Love and Light that there is.  This is where the Healing energy comes from. This is the source of all healing.

Pure 100% White Light Energy healing will do what it is supposed to do, no matter what that may look like to us.

Healing can be a healing of the mind, emotions, physical body or the spirit.

Many times Energy healing does things we cannot see or do not understand.

We need to have faith in the fact that it does exactly what it is supposed to. There is a higher purpose for many things happening that many times we do not or cannot understand.  This is where your trust and faith comes in.

Energy healing helps by assisting the spirit to do what it needs to do.  It helps fulfill the individual being’s spiritual purpose for the highest good of all.

Energy healing assists the physical body to function in the highest capacity it can. The Love, healing energies, and physical tools of healing such as herbs, foods, essences, or other remedies, assist as one transitions through its intended stages until it reaches the point of leaving this physical dimension.

Even when the physical body releases the spirit from this dimension, Healing Love Energy can assist us to experience the transition with Love, understanding and grace.

My wish is to help you access this incredible source of Love and Healing Enerygy so that you can feel better, physically emotionally and Spiritually.

Georgina Cyr


Distance Energy healing

Most people are used to the forms of ‘hands-on treatment’ like Massage, Reiki, Healing Touch or similar healing modalities as a means of treating a person using healing energy. But how does distance healing work without physical touch?  We can think of the frequency for the connection to occur over long distances just like satellite TV and cell phones. The effects of energies such as radio waves all around us has been well researched and so it is through this similar technique that we are able to send healing long distance.

Distance Healing is very similar to prayer, and when one is connecting the Loving God Energy to someone who is open to receiving it, it can have a profound, and often Life changing effect.